Where have I Been!?

Where have I Been!?

I’ve been so absent from the blog lately. I feel awful about it, but it is time I set my foot down and start prioritizing my Salads and Selfies.

Why have I been so absent?

Well, I’ll tell you why! I’m a brand new teacher of a first and second grade combination classroom. Scratch that, this past week I got changed to a second grade only classroom. I’ve been spending a lot of time planning and learning new a curriculum. On top of being a full time teacher, I am still in school completing my teaching credential. So in a nutshell: I prep from 6:00 AM to 7:50 AM, teach from 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM, prep again from 2:45-3:45 and go to class from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Sleep? Whats that? Home cooking? Forgot how to do it. Fitness? I try to go to some group fit classes. Blogging? Haha, when??

I am determined to balance it all.

Now that I’m about three weeks into this crazy routine, I’ve gotten a bit better at keeping up my lifestyle. I recently set a workout schedule: M, W, TH, Sat, and Sun, I go to group fitness classes at the college rec center. My favorite group fitness class? Cycle. I’m addicted now.

I’m trying to get myself to plan lessons for the entire week on Friday or Sunday instead of planning on the daily at 6:00 AM. That would give me slightly more sleep.

Homework is getting done on Sundays as well. As a credential program student, I have a TON of homework. I keep motivated by knowing that I’ll only not have weekends free for one year. I’ll socialize again in summer 2018.


I honestly just need to stop watching TV when I get home from work or the gym and go straight to my computer. I finished watching The Vampire Diaries yesterday, so not only am I super depressed it’s over but now I don’t have anything gluing me to the television for hours on end. That is exciting! New plan: Every Sunday night, get one post up.


It’s Sunday so here is my “check in” post. I promise the posts will get more exciting.


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