Skinny Southwest Black Bean Salad

Skinny Southwest Black Bean Salad

Black beans are packed with nutrients, fiber, and are heart healthy. In fact, black beans have been known to help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Not so fun fact: heart disease is the leading cause of death in  the U.S.

This south western black bean salad is not only good for your heart, but for your skinny jeans as well. It is so yummy and refreshing. There are a ton of ways to serve it up too. One of my personal faves is with my Tequila Grilled Chicken. It is also great over greens, with tacos, eating as a dip with chips, in a burrito. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

Black bean salad? What’s in it?

This skinny southwest bean salad is packed with summer flavor and the texture is awesome. Jalapenos spice the salad up while corn keeps it sweet and the black beans give a smooth texture.  The crisp bell peppers and red onion give it a refreshing garden southwestern flavor. Finally the tomato and cilantro give you that reminiscent salsa taste. Its smothered with lime juice, white wine vinegar, and avocado oil.

So good!! Trust me when I say, this will become a staple in your warm weather diet. I guess you could have it year round, but I’m personally a seasonal eater and once its cold out, I need comfort food.


I HIGHLY recommend adding diced avocado to this recipe. The only reason its not in the posted recipe is because I can never get an avocado perfectly ripe. I by them rock hard, and by the time I think they’re soft enough and ready to use, they’re black and brown on the inside and basically inedible. So yeah, I have a lot of avo-trouble in my life but if you don’t, ADD THEM PLEASE! Yum!

You can also add cooked quinoa for added nutrients and protein! The quinoa will have you feeling full and satisfied even longer.


Skinny Southwestern Black Bean Salad

By Nikki Published: July 28, 2017

    Eat it as a meal, as a side, as a dip. The possibilities are endless for this delicious and beneficial salad.



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