Self Love 

Self Love 

Live well, love yourself. That is the rule I’ve learned to live life by. The truth is, it took me a really long time to actually love myself.

I, like most other people, would look in the mirror and begin criticizing myself. I’d grab and pinch my fat rolls, telling myself how much prettier I’d be if they weren’t there. I’d stare and poke at every little acne or chicken pox scar on my face. I’d look in the mirror and just tear myself apart.
This is second nature to most. If you’ve ever seen Mean Girls, you know the scene where the girls are standing in front of the mirror, complaining about different parts of their bodies, and bonding over it. This is a sad truth; we all do this! This just sends us as women, and even men, into a deeper hole of self loathing without even realizing it. That is why learning to love yourself is so SO important.


This may be the toughest stage of true self love. A lot of it comes from trial, error, and finding what works for you. My journey began with meditation and yoga. Yes, I am going to sound like a total hippie for this, but meditation really brings you closer to your soul. Meditation is honestly just time to hangout with yourself. How can you really learn about yourself if you don’t spend time with yourself?

“Hangout with your soul. Relax. Let the stress of the past, present, and future melt away.”

Begin and end each day with a little meditation. Even if it’s just for five minutes, it’ll make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and outside factors that may cause negativity in your life.

Why Yoga Helps

Yoga has this magical way of making you feel like you can conquer anything. After even a short fifteen minute yoga practice, I feel completely zen and confident. Because of yoga, my body feels better. My mind feels better too. Yoga has given me the ability to be mindful of usually mindless actions. I am now so unbelievably aware of how each part of my body feels and is functioning. I know if something is off or what is causing a dull pain or even bloating. Because of yoga inducing a very mindful state, I have learned to block negative thoughts. I’ve also learned to only eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m bored. It is amazing how these little things can help contribute to loving yourself.

“Now, look in the mirror, and point out what you love about yourself.”


Fake it until you make it:

Repeat a mantra, “I love you, I love everything about you,” as you look in the mirror. Do this every day. You will begin to believe this and feel it from the inside out. Your own reflection will begin to change as you look in the mirror. You WILL transform into the beautiful, strong person you truly are.

Reaching a state of self love opens you up to a completely new world. You learn to nourish your body rather than stuff it. You learn to feel confident sans makeup. In fact, you begin to care less and less about what others think. Self love is truly an act of freedom. You break free from society’s ideals.
Find what works for you. What do you enjoy most? Do it. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Accomplish your goals. It is okay to put yourself first. If you don’t, you will fall deeper and deeper into a hole of self doubt that will become harder to climb out of.

Live well, love yourself. It takes time, sometimes a long time, but you should never stop working towards it.
Tell me about your journey, I want to hear how you embarked on a journey to self love. If you’re not on your way yet, why? I want to help you reach a state of pure happiness and self confidence, a state of pure love for yourself. Comment below and let me know.

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