How a Parking Garage Changed my Life

How a Parking Garage Changed my Life

I owe it all to the Valley Fair Mall’s parking garage in San Jose. It is honestly helped to put things in motion and bring me to where I am today. Think I’m crazy yet? Let me explain.


It All Started with a Garage

I still remember studying for my O’Chem final on the way to San Jose in order to look for an apartment. My boyfriend and I were making the big move. Not only were we moving in together for the first time, but we were moving in together in a completely new city. Why? Because of a parking garage.

He was the new project engineer on the soon to be built parking garage at the valley fair mall. It was an exciting opportunity that came conveniently as I graduated from Fresno State with my bachelor’s degree in kinesiology: exercise science.

Campbell, CA: where life began.

We settled in Campbell, CA just blocks away from downtown. It was the most amazing location I had ever lived in. There was the most beautiful trail along the Los Gatos Creek and tons of restaurants (and bars!) within walking distance. Shoot, we even had a Trader Joe’s within walking distance. How could you possibly beat it?

The weather in Campbell was always perfect too. I miss sitting on the balcony sipping on my golden milk year round. Here in Fresno, that is a winter time only activity.

I first worked as a personal trainer at the Fitness Evolution in DTSJ but that did not last long as the PT manager was a nutjob that enjoyed ripping people off. Anyways, one thing led to another and I ended up as a behavior technician for children with autism and fell in love with the job. This is when I decided, “Hey, I think I’ll work toward being a teacher.” I am now a second grade teacher, and I owe it all to a parking garage.

BBG Bay Area

Throughout the ups and downs and the stress of living in a high income city with a low income job, I gained quite a bit of weight. Then, my friend introduced me to BBG (bikini body guide) and I fell in love. It was such a great workout that was easy to follow and helped me stay on track.

This is when I created my Instagram page. That is how I found the BBG Bay area group of girls. This is what ultimately led me to the blog life. Some of the girls I met in that fitness community are now amazing bloggers like GoFitJo and PlantsandPlanks. I am now loving life as a part time blogger, and I owe it all to a parking garage.

 The Parking Garage

The Valley Fair Mall’s parking garage, with that bubbled facade, is the reason I am where I am today. I don’t think I ever would have even considered blogging if it wasn’t for that garage. Honestly I’d still just be annoying my friends with my constant wellness and recipe talk if I never learned that I can turn it into an online hobby. I love sharing all of my knowledge and discoveries with you all! My true passion is helping others, and that parking garage helped lead me to a way to fulfill that passion.

That parking garage was the beginning of Salads and Selfies.

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