From Parasite Dumb to Parasmart

I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. I eat well, lots of veggies, fruits, and lean meat but of course I splurge on the occasional asada fries. Who could live this life without asada fries anyways? If you haven’t tried them, you need to. Aside from that, I won’t eat food filled with preservatives or ingredients I can’t pronounce. Honestly, I won’t even eat processed food that has more than a handful of ingredients in it. Yet, despite my mostly clean diet, I found myself bloating constantly. At first, I thought I was gluten intolerant, you know, because every problem now a day is caused by gluten. A gluten free diet seemed to work at first but after a bit I began bloating again. I’d bloat up after eating a freaking carrot. Side note: I had also gained at least fifteen pounds over the past year and couldn’t seem to shed an ounce no matter how much time I spent in the gym. This is extremely frustrating for someone who has a B.S. in Exercise Science: it was some serious BS indeed.Then my boyfriend began displaying some similar issues in the digestive department for a few weeks. I didn’t have much sympathy because, well hello welcome to my life! During his digestive issues we went to lunch with his brother, who also happens to be a nurse and all around holistic health nut. He told us my boyfriend probably has parasites, my first reaction was “Yeah okay, no one has parasites unless they drink some nasty stream water in the middle of nowhere.” Regardless of my skeptical and sarcastic attitude toward the idea, we promptly went to Sprouts and purchased a parasite be gone kit called Parasmart, as well as a few pounds of grass-fed butter and sauerkraut (because apparently that’s what SUPER healthy holistic people eat).

After a few days of taking Parasmart, my boyfriend looked up reviews of it on amazon and immediately texted me screenshots of some of these reviews. Prior to taking Parasmart people experienced the exact same digestive and bloating issues I had, fatigue (hey, I have that), foggy brain (me too…), inability to lose weight (okay, these people are totally copying me), and, I am sorry for this one but: itchy butts (gross I know, I may or may not have had this occasionally too). This freaked me out. Could I really have parasites?

After rushing to Sprouts and beginning the routine as well, it turns out I did have parasites. I had parasites BAD. Just a few days after taking Parasmart, I passed a tapeworm. A TAPEWORM. Ew. I know. I also had a plethora of other parasites. I’ll forgo the details but I am now the BIGGEST advocate for this Parasmart stuff. I highly recommend anyone who eats sushi regularly, like I do, to do a parasite cleanse at least once a year. It turns out because of the raw fish, you are very likely to get a parasite or two from sushi. In fact, you can honestly get parasites from almost anything: produce, under-cooked meat, tap water, etc. so there is no reason to change your diet to avoid parasites. Parasites are really no big deal with parasite cleanses like Parasmart on the market.

Since completing the doses, I have lost about eight pounds and no longer struggle when it comes to losing fat. I no longer stutter over my words during conversations and can remember all the words I need, I am so productive, I rarely forget to do things (this was a major problem before), no more bloating or digestive issues, and I’m so much funnier and pretty witty now (at least I think so HAHA). Also, although they might be unrelated, I have not experience any of my anxiety or depressive episodes since finishing Parasmart. I am not a paid promoter for this product (totally should be though, wink wink Parasmart if you’re reading), but I am telling you, this stuff has solved all of my problems (except for being a broke millennial, still struggling there). It solved problems I didn’t even realize were problems. I highly recommend that everyone try this cleanse once in their lives! Share your results in the comments section and if you have any questions at all about my experience with the cleanse do not hesitate to ask!

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