Journey back to that Fit Life: Lessons Learned

Journey back to that Fit Life: Lessons Learned

Everyone has a different goal and a different destination, but we are all on some type of journey in this life. I’m currently on a journey back to that fit life I once led. The older I get, the harder it is. Why? Because I’m a grown up now and don’t have hours to spend at the gym. I’m not a full-time fitness or wellness blogger. I just fit in fitness when I can.

I currently work full time as a behavior interventionist. Soon, I will be working full time as a first grade teacher (YAY!). I’m also still in grad school working to get my multiple subjects credential. I have maybe twenty minutes free for a workout each day and I only have the motivation in the morning. Getting fit is hard, people! The struggle is real.

Here’s What I’ve Learned on my Journey

  1. You have to trick yourself into working out sometimes.

    I need to immediately turn on my TV and put on YouTube where Tone It Up, Fitness Blender, and Yoga with Adriene videos all automatically appear. Or I need to immediately get dressed and go outside. If I drink water and then sit down on the couch looking on Instagram, its all over. That is the point I know I won’t be working out that day.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout.

    I’ve noticed that when I do beat myself up, I end up stress eating some junk food or become even less motivated to workout in the days to follow. It was an endless cycle until I stopped putting myself down. This goes especially for different fitness challenges like BBG (Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide) or TIU (Tone it Up). I’ve started and not finished both of these programs. I absolutely love the community that surrounds both of these programs. However, I definitely prefer Tone It Up’s program because it motivated me to get outside and walk for at least thirty minutes a day. If I missed the daily workout but got my thirty minute walk in, I felt good, and I lost weight!

  3. Definitely do not compare yourself to Instagram fitness girls, especially those claiming to be doing the same workout program as you.

    I learned this first-hand. I lived in the Bay Area and joined the group “BBG Bay Area” which is now known as “Sweat SF” (which I’m so glad they changed it as it is much more honest now!). Anyways there were some girls, and now pretty famous Instagram stars/bloggers, who had amazing transformations. Unfortunately I found out these girls were not actually doing the program (the hashtags and community got them more followers and likes), and they had personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. Not only was this a major let down but it was a big eye opening experience as to never compare myself to them again. There are however some honest Instagrammers out there too! You just have to know how to spot the true IG’ers. (I can do a whole post on how to tell if your Instagram fitness idol is actually doing the same workout program as you, comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in!) In a nutshell though: comparing yourself to fitness idols on IG can and probably will put a MAJOR damper on your journey and may even set you back quite a bit.

  4. There is no magic protein powder or supplement.

    Most of those products have awful ingredients anyways. What works is real, clean, unprocessed food. It can be a hassle prepping produce and constantly cooking fresh dinners, but it works. Real food works. What you eat is an extremely important part of any fitness journey. If you subscribe and follow my blog you will also learn how to make the prepping less labor intensive as well as how to store your produce and prep so it lasts!

  5. Finally, Just move.

    Keep it in the back of your mind to just be more active. I’m always thinking, “Is there a way I can move more?” There usually is. I’ll do dead lifts when I pick something up off the ground, I always choose the stairs, and I even drop it like its hot and squat it out at work when no one is looking. Just today, I bought a massive watermelon from Costco and did a couple of bicep curls before placing it into the cart, then again putting it in the trunk, then at home before putting it on the counter I used it for a few front squats. These little things add up throughout the day, week, and month. It is also super fun coming up with creative ways to move.

Love Yo’self

That is the number one rule of any fitness or wellness journey.

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