Finding Fit Friends: Thank you TIU

Finding Fit Friends: Thank you TIU

Finding fit friends can be hard. When I say “fit friends,” I don’t mean finding friends with hot bods. I mean finding friends who want to build each other up, hold each other accountable, and get fit and healthy together. These are the best kinds of friends. Friends you can grow with. Friends who help each other get the most out of life in a fun and healthy way.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, I do need friends like that! Is there a tinder for it or something?” No, there’s no tinder, but there is Tone it Up. Tone it Up, or TIU, is an online fitness/nutrition program and community that can be taken offline as well. (For more information on the programs visit their website.)

So, how do you make friends off this TIU thing?

Well, I’ll tell you!

I’ve been doing this tone it up program since about February. One thing that the program encourages is to make a social media account for it and post daily to hold you accountable for the workouts and nutrition. So I began posting to my blog Instagram and following fellow TIU girls. Then, I found a hashtag that changed my life: #TIUFresno.

Local girls doing the same program as me!? Heck yeah! Talk about support! So a few months go by and one girl I became friends with over IG and I decided to make a facebook group so all of the local TIU girls could communicate more easily. A few more months go by and we decide to have a TIU Fresno meetup so we can all stop online dating and become friends in real life.


With only two weeks to plan, Steph and I were able to get our foot in the door with sponsorship’s and had products from FRE skincare, Vital Proteins, Enlightened, COOLA, Justin’s, Lululemon, and of course, TIU Head Quarters! This was so exciting, we were receiving gifts for the TIU Fresno girls left and right. With each vendor, we were more and more motivated to plan the perfect meetup.

Then, amazing news came in: Lululemon offered their store up as a venue for our first meetup. So, on Saturday, all the girls met up at the store at 6:00 for an hour of fruit infused water, mingling, and shopping. Once the store closed, it was time to get out sweat on. The super sweet Lululemon ladies moved the clothing racks aside and we set out our yoga mats.

Workouts Speed Up with Friends

We completed the Sunshine Sculpt yoga flow workout in the middle of Lululemon. It was such an amazing experience. It was also mind blowing how fast a workout goes when your surrounding by fit friends. Usually, I’m dying trying to count the reps until the workout is over, but this time I was sad that it ended so fast. We genuinely had so much fun working out.

Motivated All Over Again

Leading up to this event, I had been losing my motivation to work out. I was doing the bare minimum and didn’t care. I’m not sure why. It could have been that I had gotten completely addicted to watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix and had little motivation to do anything else, or it’s the immense stress of getting ready to start a new career.

After the event though, I felt refreshed and motivated to take on my workouts again. Even now, two weeks later the ambition has not faded. Having this group of girls, and meeting them in person has been a true inspiration.

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