Meet the Author:

Hi all! Welcome to Salads and Selfies!! I’m Nikki, I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, went to college at Fresno State (Go Dogs!) where I worked my butt off for a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. After graduation I moved to the Bay Area (CA) with the love of my life to begin our life. It turns out, its near impossible to get a life-sustaining career with just a bachelor’s degree in the kinesiology field.  I first worked as a personal trainer at a gym for bout a year but I was miserable. Personal trainers at gyms are trained to sell, sell, sell. They’re taught to take advantage of their clients’ desires to lose weight and sell them supplements and crazy expensive (and overpriced) training packages. My passion is helping people reach their goals, not selling them a “magical” weight loss supplement. Luckily, the first job I found after my horrible personal training experience was through a non-profit organization teaching P.E. and encouraging children to be active during recess and lunch time. This was the most fulfilling job I had ever had and the reason I am where I am today. Currently, I am back in Fresno (while my man and I loved the bay area, the cost of living there is INSANE) working as a behavior interventionist for children with autism (loving every minute) and beginning the Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential program at Fresno State (I’m baaaaack). It took a while but I am finally on the right path to my dream career.

Picture of the author, practice self-love

Now back to my Wellness lifestyle/obsession: I love writing. I love experimenting in the kitchen and creating healthy, clean meals. I love yoga and meditation. I love working out. I love helping others. I love practicing self love. Put my passions together and you get Salads and Selfies. Salads and Selfies is a modern metaphor for self-love. What better way to love yourself than to nourish your body with a nutrition-packed meal or by showing the world you’re comfortable in your own skin by posting a selfie? Selfies are not the easiest thing, despite how popular the act has become. It can be extremely awkward or nerve racking to post a picture of yourself on social media, especially with how cruel society can be. I’ve always admired people who can post selfies regularly. To me, selfies overflow with self-love, they say, “Hello world, this is me and I am proud.” I plan on using this platform to not only document my own real and honest attempt to live well and love myself, but to help inspire others to do the same.  There are tons of blogs filled with exotic smoothie bowls with almost impossible to find ingredients and images of very tall, very fit models trying to motivate you to be healthy. That is not this blog. Everything on this page is what I like to call “wellness on a budget,” making the healthy lifestyle attainable to all. Through recipes, workouts, selfies, and inspiring articles, I hope you join me on the journey to a life filled with Salads and Selfies.


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