Easy Golden Milk: Turmeric Ginger Latte

Golden milk is nothing more than a delicious, frothy turmeric and ginger, coffee and espresso free, latte. Turmeric and ginger are proof that food IS medicine. Both these roots have anti-inflammatory properties and are packed with antioxidants which means they fight signs of aging (like wrinkles!). They also prevent heart disease, and help prevent cancer!

Ginger can:

Help with Nausea

Reduce muscle soreness (much needed after a tough workout)

Lower blood sugar

Relieve indigestion

Lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels

Reduce menstrual pain (ladies, we all know how bad those cramps can be)

Fight infections and help prevent cancer

There is no wonder ginger is seen as a miraculous healing root. Now let’s talk about the other miracle root: turmeric. Turmeric contains many medicinal properties and even increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, helping to fight the free radicals that cause degenerative aging.

Turmeric can also:

Improve brain function (which then lowers the risk of brain diseases)

Prevent, and possibly even treat cancer

Prevent and possibly treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Help relieve arthritis pain and symptoms

Help fight depression

And delay aging! (So not only does this stuff heal but it keeps you young!)

So let’s combine these two into a delicious, soothing latte! This is something I whipped up the other morning. I tried to use as few ingredients as possible to keep the recipe as low budget and as simple as possible. I am a twenty-six year old struggling student (again, going back for a post grad program is worth it but expensive) so I don’t have the time or money to make extra fancy and equally healthy drinks. I also don’t have the ability to drink things that taste gross so I made it as delicious as possible.

The ingredients:

Turmeric latte ingredients
1″ Turmeric root

1/2″ Ginger root


Coconut sugar (honey would work too! I just wanted to keep with my coconut theme)

Coconut milk

That is it. Easy peasy ginger squeezy. (See what I did there lol) I filled the mug I wanted to use with coconut milk, then poured it into a teeny tiny pot on the stove. Then, I warmed it on medium heat (do not let boil!). While it was heating, with a small hand held grater, I grated the turmeric and the ginger straight into the milk. After, I  added the cinnamon. I gave it another stir and added a spoonful of coconut sugar to help the turmeric go down. I crack myself up LoL. I continued to stir, on medium heat, for about five minutes.

Turmeric ginger root
Now to make sure it’s all blended up nice and frothy you have three choices: whisk like crazy, use an immersion bender or use an actual blender. My actual blender happens to be a Nutribullet.  So I poured my yummy golden milk from the pot right into the Nutribullet and blended for less than thirty seconds. That’s all you really need to make it frothy and delicious. Then I poured into my mug and savored every last drop, feeling healthy af. Golden milk latte

Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls (GF, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan)

Bliss Balls

Blissful Bliss Balls

I’ve been craving some Doves Coconut Creme chocolates really bad lately. They’re probably my favorite candy of all time, but you can only buy them around Easter. Unfortunately when I treated myself to them a few weeks ago I ate the entire bag in 24 hours. Holy fudge balls, that was not good. Time for an alternative!

bliss ball
So looking for a snack the other day, I was reminiscing of my Nourishing Brownies. I didn’t want just chocolate, I NEEDED chocolate and coconut. So I decided to take the brownie recipe, amp it up, and create chocolaty coconutty bliss balls. (Or macaroodles as my boyfriend calls them)

bliss ball
This was a complete experiment. I’ve never made bliss balls in my life, let alone looked at a recipe for them. I’ve just seen them all over Instagram in their delicious glory. Luckily, my guessing turned out right in the end.

Lets Get Blissfull

(Or scroll straight to the bottom for the oh so easy recipe)

First, I counted out 17 dates. Plopped them straight into the food processor. (I LOVE food processor recipes! So easy and SO fast!)

To give it a doughy texture and increase the coconut flavor, I added 1/3 Cup of coconut flour. Trader Joe’s coconut flour is delicious, organic, and at a great cost!

coconut flour
Then, of course, almond butter! Almond butter helps hold all of the ingredients together, adds protein, healthy fats, and it’s super yummy. Plus thanks to Almond Joy, we all know how amazing coconut, chocolate, AND almonds go together.

almond butter
Some chia seeds and flag seeds for extannutrients and omegas go in next. Then, the miracle of all miracles: Coconut Oil. Seriously, coconut oil can solve any problem. Trying to lose weight? Coconut oil. Need energy? Coconut oil. Yellow teeth? Coconut oil. Dry hair? Coconut oil. Acne? Coconut oil. I could honestly go on and on and never stop gushing about the gold that is coconut oil. So yes: next ingredient COCONUT OIL.

coconut oil
Time for a little chocolate goodness. But in super-food form: Cacao!

Of course we gotta sweeten things up a bit. Cue: 2 table spoons of honey. Since this is a chocolatly coconut treat, I added a tablespoon of coconut sugar in too. Because, coconut.

Time to blend!!! Food processors make life SO easy. I blended it on “mix/purée” for maybe a full minute (with breaks every 15-20 seconds) until it formed one giant doughy ball of deliciousness.

dough ball

Almost done!

This is the pleasant surprise moment that I realized these bliss balls are going to have an AMAZING cake like texture. Also, right after, when I tasted a piece and went straight to heaven. All that was left to do was take a small spoon out of my cutlery drawer and begin scooping portions of the “dough ball”, rolling it between my palms to form a ball and then rolling it in a bowl filled with unsweetened shredded coconut to coat them.

Simply place in the fridge for about thirty minutes so they can firm up, then enjoy the heck out of them!

I want to hear from you!

Comment and let me know if you try these out! I’d love to hear from you! If you do and Instagram a pic, include #saladsandselfies !!